After years of offering different packages based on the number of hours of shooting, number of photographers, etc., I finally got married, myself, and realized that that style of pricing doesn't really work best for anyone. It puts the photographer and the clients on opposite ends of a battle, instead of in a collaboration. For many couples, it is their first time getting married, and most don't really know what they want, other than beautiful photographs for not a lot of money, leaving many couples wishing they had gone about it differently.

To that end, I now offer one package that includes everything I personally would want if I got married tomorrow.


Unlimited Hours of Photography on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day happens once, and is over in a moment. I consider it my job to capture as much of the fun, chaos, and beauty of it as possible. That means I will arrive as early as you would like me to. It also means I am very aware that friends and family only get looser, goofier, and more emotional as the night goes on, and some of my favorite wedding photos happen in the last 20 minutes of dancing. The sweaty, heart-warming group hug that happens during the last dance is important, and I will be there for it.

At Least Two Photographers

Whether my second photographer is photographing a second angle of an important moment, helping me corral family for portraits after the ceremony, running out to the bridesmaid's car to get the rings, or photographing something important in the reception area while I'm shooting portraits with the couple, there are a million things he/she does that enhance the final product, and I consider it vital to great photographs. For weddings with a larger guest count, a third photographer may also be present.

Engagement Session (For Local Couples)

Whenever possible, I like to photograph a couple before their wedding day, even if they don't plan to use the photos for anything in particular. No one feels comfortable in front of a camera, and being uncomfortable shows in photos. Your wedding photos are an expression and an illustration of your love for each other on the day when you truly celebrate that, and if the photos look like you have no idea what to do with your hands, you'll be looking at that instead of reliving those moments. Engagement photos allow you to feel comfortable and eliminate one more bit of stress on your wedding day.


Portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz used to tour with the Rolling Stones, and in a constant attempt to capture them at their best, she realized that they would go on stage, give it everything they had, and come off stage sweating, full of adrenaline, and never looking better. So she set up a back drop and some lights, and would take photos of them just as they got off stage. This is what I want for your wedding. So we set up a large gray backdrop and one light right next to the dance floor. Weddings are a big deal to everyone involved, even the guests, and this allows me to get photos of all of them, looking their best, full of life and energy. Whether it's one person or 15, it can accommodate most groups, and still make everyone look amazing.

Free Travel (Up to 600 miles, roundtrip)

We think of the Midwest as one big neighborhood, so I am happy to travel to Chicago, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and everywhere in between for no additional cost. For those outside of that, travel fees are minimal. I've been fortunate enough to photograph couples everywhere from Los Angeles to Cape Cod to Paris, and I love the opportunity to travel.


Frankly, I photograph your wedding for you and your friends and family to enjoy forever. I don't want to stand in your way. So while we offer easy-access professional printing, the photos are truly yours to use as you please.


"A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people."