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The Portraitbooth

With the Portraitbooth, we want to make those photos truly great and timeless so people can enjoy them forever, rather than simply a printed strip that you will lose before you even get home. We use the highest quality cameras, lenses, and lights, and we take the time to capture both the beauty of a good pose and the genuine emotion of being with the people who make you laugh the hardest.

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the portraitbooth

Getting together every person you love in this world, convincing them to get all dressed up, and then getting them loosened up with a few drinks really only happens once in your life, and it is a perfect opportunity to get beautiful photos of them. 

"Anyone that chose to get a portrait basically got a photoshoot of beautiful professional photos."

nicole & eric

"We also chose to do the Portraitbooth with a blank black background. It was an absolute hit because of Sean. Anyone that chose to get a portrait basically got a photoshoot of beautiful professional photos.

the portraitbooth






"100% would recommend the Portrait booth - it was just beyond any "photobooth" we could have gotten."

julia & Nick


We offer both! Whether you're looking for the timelessness of black and white, or the energy of full color photos, you can choose either option for your booth, or upgrade to receive a full set of each. 

do you supply props?

 are there backdrop options?

While we often encourage our subjects to embrace their inner nonsense, we find that props usually become the subject instead of the people in the photo. People who are well-posed, or who are forced to find their own ridiculousness, are much more interesting than a person with big glasses. Props more often cover up great expressions than they make great photos. Alas! We know that sometimes the group you're with may be more likely to have a good time if they have some props to work with, we are happy to oblige if asked. 

Since its inception, The Portraitbooth has used a dark gray backdrop to allow for a classic, timeless appeal, and to allow the subjects to pop off the background and give attention to the emotion in the portrait. As such, this is still our go-to option. However, we also encourage everyone to make The Portraitbooth their own, and to match the their own style. We are happy to work with you to find a color or surface that works best for your style. 

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© Sean cook weddings 2021, copy by ideaction