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While I like to think I’m a pretty easy-going and approachable guy, I’m extremely intentional when it comes to the craft of photography. I’m passionate about ensuring you have an incredible wedding day. And I'm fully committed to creating images that look and feel true to you. Nothing stiff or forced. Nothing false or out of place.

Just stunning details, beautiful portraits, and intentionally bright and colorful candids that bring you joy just by looking at them.

Keep reading to learn more about me, my approach, and what drives me to do what I do.



People are the backbone of everything I do. And empathy is the one value I base everything in my life around.


Driven by

my approach is:

So, it should come as no surprise that getting to know you and discovering what makes you uniquely beautiful is at the heart of my approach. And finding ways to positively impact you and your people is what lights me up.

"Sean was an advocate for us..."

chelsea & ted

"...sort of a guardian angel who swooped around the wedding and took pressure off of us by paying attention to our families and guests, taking their photos and making them feel appreciated."

Naturally, I want you to love your photographs. But I want you to love your day even more. Because I know that a beautiful photo of a moment you didn’t enjoy won’t have value.

That’s why your experience is my first priority and your feelings are the through-line by which I consider everything. 

While taking your photo, I constantly think, "Will it feel comfortable? Will it look good? Will it resonate with you later?". And throughout your day, I anticipate challenges and find ways to turn them into moments of joy. 


Driven by

"I have worked with a ton of photographers, but Sean was different. "

katy & matthew

He took the time to create special moments that will forever be preserved for us in incredible photographs."

In addition to photography, I’ve had a lifelong passion for physics and psychology. It's an odd combination, but it’s why I focus so intently on how photographs both look and feel.

It’s part of the reason why I’m so deliberate about the finer points of photography - from the lens I select to how I hand-edit each photo. Because, at the end of the day, I want to ensure that you're seen in the most flattering light. And being intentional about the smallest of details is how I make certain that happens.



"Sean is magic. Not  just in his talent as a photographer and editor, but in who he is as a person."

"Sean is magic.
Not  just in his talent as a photographer and editor, but in who he is
as a person."

Alexis Alvarez, wedding planner

Prior to weddings, I pursued a career in photojournalism. The work was raw and real. But the stories happened in places with bad lighting. And they often involved people that didn't want their pictures taken.

While I learned how to find and capture authentic moments in difficult situations, I yearned to tell stories that were both emotionally honest and beautiful. So, I pivoted to the world of editorial and sought out beauty.


Driven by

"I was thrilled and almost in shock that we looked so good. The photos were so beautiful!"

Bianca & Derek

Working in editorial allowed me to perfect my lighting skills, work with artistic directors, and learn how to be part of a creative team. But while I helped to produce stunning work, the creative process was valued almost more than the end result. And the photos felt empty.

I wanted to create work that had lasting meaning in people’s lives. And I discovered that the best photographs are a balance of beauty and meaning.



"I love his lighting and locations, and think he captures moments in such an authentic way."


The idea of positively impacting a room full of people is thrilling. The thought of giving each of your guests a photo they love is beyond gratifying. And the realization that I can make their day better just by being a part of it, well...

I can't imagine doing anything else.



Here are a few of my other favorites in life:



my favorite things:

What I love most about travel is getting to experience the food, beverage, and culture. But, when I’m photographing closer to home, you can probably find me in the Taco Bell drive-through ordering a chalupa and a Crunch Wrap Supreme. If you know, you know.

Late night snacks


I’ve always been sentimental. However, now that I’m a parent, I have a greater understanding of the timelessness and importance of wedding photos. Because now, I’m able to experience a wedding on all levels. And appreciate, on a personal level, the fleeting beauty of this one day in your life - when you have everyone you love together in one room. My son made me aware of the true importance of this job and made telling your story that much more personal to me.

Our Son


People still talk about it. The dance floor was on fire. People who didn't know each other were taking photos together and hugging. It was magical! And it's the kind of experience I try to help create at each and every wedding.

our wedding


My beautiful wife is my high school sweetheart. We fell in love while processing film in the darkroom at school. (True story.) She is my better half. And the other, behind-the-scenes, half of this business. 



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© Sean cook weddings 2021, copy by ideaction